Let's solve a problem together,
I will handle the software.

I'm a software engineer, specializing in web technologies,
helping teams design and build performant, maintainable solutions.


From solutions for user sign-up process, the service is growing into a complete system for online check-in. Being a part of the development team, among my tasks were:

  • research and development of products’ features, as well as internal tools,
  • integration of 3rd party solutions,
  • front end optimisation - improving load times, device compatibility, app’s responsiveness,
  • maintenance and modernisation of legacy creations and mechanisms e.g. updates of application’s existing modules, build system upgrades,
  • stewardship and guidance in software development, like overseeing implementation details, ensuring process’ continuos activity and completion.

Technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript (Vue, React, Node), shell


Space CLI

An open source command line interface for information about upcoming rocket launches and space flights - news, schedule, rocket type, available live streams, and mission details.

Selection of required work:

  • design of a command line interface API,
  • integration of external APIs (data sources for news feeds and launches),
  • maintenance of a public package in npm registry.

Technologies: Javascript (Node)

repository package


A watch-party platform with self-uploaded video content. It featured room-wide playback controls with role-based restrictions, video playback synchronisation, moderated chat, video quality options, content management dashboards, and admin panel.

I was responsible for:

  • platform’s requirements evaluation, selection of technologies, and 3rd party solutions (e.g. hosting architecture, video processing service),
  • prototype development with user interface, video streaming, and live communication (for playback controls, chat).

Technologies: Javascript (Node, jQuery), SQL (MySQL)

Remote Jobs EU

A job board, and an aggregator, with offers from companies open for candidates from Europe.

MVP work required:

  • user experience and interface design,
  • implementation of a submission process with 3rd party authentication integrations (GitLab and Github OAuth),
  • development of a web scrapper, allowing resubmission of an existing posting with an external link.

Technologies: Javascript (Node, jQuery), no-SQL (Mongo)


A minimalist, distraction-free publishing platform for textual content (e.g. novels, lyrics, poems, essays).

Work on the project’s MVP featured:

  • user experience and interface design with focus on a text-heavy content, including WYSIWIG capabilities,
  • creation of a content management system (CRUD API),
  • implementation of social features like favourites and following, content feeds, notifications, and external commenting system integration.

Technologies: Javascript (jQuery), PHP (Laravel), SQL (MySQL)



I initially enlisted Belar to help with a small side project. His professionalism, fast response time, scope of services and extremely high quality of work have now made him my go-to freelancer.

What I like best is that he asks great questions to make sure he comprehensively understands my business needs, then follows with good recommendations I had often not considered that help me make wise decisions.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jeremiah - design agency founder

Ray of sunshine to the freelance world. I’ve never really had a good experience with hiring online until I started working with him about a month ago. He’s professional, creative, charismatic and an overall incredible person to work with. He meets every deadline with extraordinary care and punctuality, he is an amazing communicator.

I could not be happier with the work he’s done and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with him in the future.

Tariel - entrepreneur